CENTRALEX AMA Recap together with Tristan Roozendaal— CEO , Marin Mastakovic — CSO and Dmitry Dyachkov — CTO / HOD

The AMA Session had 3 Segments:

  • Introduction / Questions from The CryptoChainPh Team
  • Questions from Twitter
  • Live AMA

Segment 1: Introduction / Questions from The CryptoChainPh Team

Good evening Everyone! Welcome to another AMA Session with Centralex!

Are you ready for our AMA today? Because I'm sure our community is excited!

Can we start the first segment now?

Can you please introduce yourself to the community and kindly give us an introduction about Centralex?

Hi guys, my name is Tristan Roozendaal and I am the CEO of Centralex. I’m an Dutch expat who moved 8 years ago to Hong Kong.

I have over 15 year experience in the IT sector and back in 2017 my crypto journey started with crypto mining. It all started small and quickly expanded to a medium size mining farm with over 150 mining rigs :)

Centralex Africa:
Hello all you Crypto enthusiast, my name is Marin and I am part of the founding team and currently serve as the current chief strategic officer at Centralex. I am a well-experienced entrepreneur on multiple executive levels with a demonstrated history of working in the IT, e-commerce, and entertainment industries. I have been involved in the crypto space since the Ethereum genesis block in mid-2015 and continue to pursue and venture further in the crypto space as this is a passion.

Hello everyone! My name is Dmitry Dyachkov.
I’ve been a Software Developer for 18 years with my specialties in backend, security, and high load applications. I’ve been working in the Finance industry for 7 years. I used to work for Gatecoin cryptocurrency exchange based in Hong Kong and now I am the CTO/Head of Development at Centralex. Since I joined this amazing organization, we have established totally new processes and a super team to bring Centralex and the cryptocurrency industry to the next level by implementing revolutionary technology.

Is your team anynomous? Or it is stated in your website?

No our team is not anonymous :)

But all our team members are super stars! For example, Dmitry is our Russian software scientist who is developing amazing software and Luke is our blockchain expert who wants to become the next Vitalik :)

In your Telegram Group I saw your tagline "Its a DEX. No! Its a CEX. No! Its CENTRALEX". What does it mean? Is it the same as Orion Protocol offers?

Ahh I see you liked the sticker!

Centralex Africa:
Well, we are not familiar with Orion, but we will be sure to check it out!

Centralex is not a normal exchange... We are developing the merge between a centralized and decentralization by developing our custom platform called Custo-Defi (Custodial DeFi)

So, it's a combination of CEX and DEX?

That is correct

Nice. You're hitting two birds with one stone. 👍

Currently, you're in the presale of your token $CenX, how long will this presale ends? What are the requirements to join the presale?

Our pre-sale is indeed live at this moment at www.centralex.com.. Our pre-sale will stop on the 15th of May midnight time. And the basic KYC requirements are official government ID card, Passport and of course a live picture of your pretty face :) Kyc has been made easy on our platform

Our launchpad also accepts BNB and ETH as a form of payment. Once we have completed our pre-sale we will be creating a massive liquidity pool on both UniSwap and Pancake Swap where we will be putting 60% of our raised capital as a LP

Is it available for everyone? No country restrictions?

Well, there are restricted countries.. let me give you this list

Countries Excluded from Participating or joining the Centralex platform

United States of America (USA), all US TERRITORIES such as American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico and us the Virgin Islands. The People’s Republic of China, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea), Afghanistan, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Sudan, Syria, South Sudan, Crimean Peninsula, Mali, Central African Republic, Yemen, Guinea-Bissau, Libya, Lebanon, Eritrea, Somalia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Zimbabwe, Balkans, Cote D’Ivoire, Liberia, Burma, Myanmar and Venezuela.

Since we are holding an crypto exchange license we need to be compliant :)

Thank you for sharing.

What are your plans to compete with other established exchanges? What are the advantages of using Centralex?

Centralex Africa:
We have a few tricks up our sleeve, the first few im going to mention are what we call foundations, without a good foundation an exchange cannot really exist. These 3 foundations are trading speed ( 500k Tx/s ) , super secure MPC wallet infrastructure and deep liquidity pools aggregated from multiple partners. This coupled in with our custo-defi web3 wallet system, we are confident to say we we will be formidable competitor on the market. We also have our eye some interesting products planned for the early stages, this includes an integrated staking and governance platform designed for our native utility token, as a start and then coin/token agnostic as time progresses.

What achievements has Centralex achieved so far? Can you share us your roadmap for this year?

We are about to launch our basic exchange (spot) at 15th of May where our liquidity and market making providers are integrated. Our Launchpad is online and working fantastic. We also should look at our partners from Fireblocks (Custodial Wallet provider) Simplex (Fiat on and Off ramp provider) Chainanlysis (our Know your transaction partner) m Multiple KYC providers but last but not least our Australian banking partner Royal Pay of who is our official banking partner who in combination of our platform going to bank the unbanked

We have a very big roadmap ahead with many cool features. Our Custo-DeFi solution journey starts with our staking and governance portal. We start developing our Utility portal by the end of Q2

By Q3 we will be launching our new Launchpad and will be accepting new projects but also NFT after sale marketplace and lending portal..

Q4 is going to be a crazy one, Margin trading, Lending and our baby the rollout of highly advanced all in one crypto ATM's

Thanks for the answers.

We will now move forward to the Twitter Rounds.

Segment 2: Question from Twitter

Question #1 from @AhmedEz192016 - Do you have any plans to attract non-crypto investors to your project Because it is the success of a project to get more investors who are still not in the crypto world. What are the plans to increase awareness around your in non-crypto space?

Centralex Africa:
Yes, we have a plan to rollout High-tech onboarding terminals throughout Africa towards the end of 2021. These terminals will allow anyone to onboard into Centralex and at the same time start to invest or buy their 1st crypto. It will have functions like spot trading, utility payments, purchase of airtime to mention a few.

This combined with our normal marketing efforts and some sponsored live events and conferences, we will surely leave our mark.

Question #2 from @naomiama4 - Everyone knows, if you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, you go with your partners, so with Your Project which partners will promote and help Your Project reach and achieve the project’s goals?

Centralex Africa:
We have a fantastic panel of partners, includes Simplex, Chainalyisis, Royalpay, Fireblocks and multiple liquidity providers, non of this would possible without our AAA partners.

Question #3 from @Svm31117596 - Right now issuing a token is a rather simple process. However, building the system and ecosystem is the most difficult part. My question is, How will the demand of the token will increase and how will this token use within the ecosystem?

Centralex is a utility token with staking, governance and it is also a deflationary token.. What this mean is that we will burn our tokens every year with the following schedule. 1st year 5% second year 2,5% and every year after that it will be halved

this means less tokens on the market with a higher demand which creates a shortage of tokens

Question #4 from @sarath60504338 - I think the security is the most important thing of a project . So How one is secure on Centralex platform ?

To start with, Centralex does not hold any private key on our server and will also never do so.. Our partner Fireblocks is our institutional custodial wallet provider and they are the Unicorn under the custodial wallets. We have a strong security team who is monitoring our processes 24/7

Question #5 from @makrimada - Which countries are the main markets that Centralex country is focusing now? What is your marketing strategy to access to these markets?

Centralex Africa:
There is no specific country that is our main market, that wouldn't fall in line with our ethos on mass adoption, so i would rather tell you that our focus is on APAC, EMEA and Oceana, these are the territories we have offices in and reach with in the local communities. Lately we have been spending the most time engaging with awesome communities such as yours to introduce our products and get feedback from all the while getting our digital identity out into the market.

Segment 3: Live AMA

From Erven James Sato:

Are you prepared for this bear market?

How will you handle the panic of your Investors?

We as a company are aware that there will be bear markets. However, we are a financial strong self funded company so we dont have to worry about keep our heads above the water.. After every dump their will be a pump so we as a company will keep promoting our company in the best way we can!

Centralex Africa:
The key to managing the Big Bad Bear is Education, if investors are educated and trust in our team, they will also know our company will diversify and continuously innovate to try and ensure that our token offers some stability. There is many opportunities in the Bear and its not all doom and gloom. Educate and stay safe.

From Jubair Jubair:
'Do you have any plans integrating your project with NFT? Will there be the possible options to do staking and farming in future???

Tristan :
Yes we plan to do this 100%. We also will follow and develop future blockchain implementations to follow or stay ahead of our competitors.

From Crypto Catcher:
How is the security of users within your project guaranteed and not compromised? And how secure is your project from any kind of attacks?

We have Fireblocks integration for our wallets in backend running in hardware isolated environment.
We audit and review our infrastructure with the dedicated team of pentesters

From Bay Via:
Has your project been completely decentralized, and will there be any risk of centralization in the future?

Tarun RAMA:
We are building a combination of CEX and DEX features using Fireblocks infrastructure by avoiding the risk of storing user wallets.

From I Am Back:
Can you tell us more about your Team and Partners? Team and Partners are the key to success. Do they have enough experience in a project?

Centralex Africa:
our team has over 20 members accross 10 countries on 3 continants, with a globalaized experience and localalized stretegy in mind , we have a formule for sucess

About Centralex
Centralex is a Hong Kong based international cryptocurrency exchange. With a global vision in mind and an international office footprint spanning two continents, we strive to bring remarkable people together to do extraordinary things.

“The value of an idea lies in the using of it ” — Thomas Edison (1885)

In so following this ethos the savvy team at Centralex embarked upon a journey to create what they could consider the best version a cryptocurrency exchange could be.

A new, more accessible way of managing digital assets and introducing the world to the potential future of what money might become.

We dedicate ourselves to providing a safe and convenient service for cryptocurrency trading and to help grow and sustain the crypto community in its entirety.

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