Prophecy AMA recap together with Prophecy Team: Hermes (CEO) ,Ares (COO), Apollo (CMO) and Hephaestus (CTO)

The AMA Session had 3 Segments:

  • Introduction / Questions from The CryptoChainPh Team
  • Questions from Twitter
  • Live AMA


Segment 1: Introduction / Questions from The CryptoChainPh Team


Hermes (Prophecy CEO) | @Defiknight
Ares (Prophecy COO) | @DeFicarbon
Apollo (Prophecy CMO) | @DeFiUtopia
Hep (Prophecy CTO) | @BlessedCTO
Welcome Team Prophecy!

Are you ready to answer a bunch of questions?

Okay, Let's start!

Please introduce yourself to the community and give us an introduction about Prophecy Project?

HERMES | Prophecy CEO:
Hi everyone, I'm Hermes, CEO of prophecy. Happy to be here!

My background consists of project development team-building with a strong focus in the Blockchain sector. I have been a core team member of multiple top 100 projects and have been working in the space on the project side since 2016.

I like to think of myself as a visionary that dreams big and isn't afraid to take chances when I believe in something. I'm very excited to share our project with you all today!

ARES | Prophecy COO:
Hello everyone, Ares here, I have 5 years of experience in the blockchain space and have worked with numerous projects. Decentralization has always be a huge focus for me and with Prophecy we have a slightly different approach when it comes to decentralized finance. We are community driven, future focused, built to win, build to grow.

APOLLO - Prophecy CMO:
Hello everyone - so awesome to be here with the incredible CryptoChain PH community! My name is APOLLO and I’m the Chief Marketing Officer for Prophecy.

I got involved in crypto many years ago because I wanted to help develop and shape projects to actually revolutionize and change the way crypto operates. I wanted to give more people chances at success than ever before. And that’s where Prophecy came in - a project that is really ‘Built to Win’ and ‘Community Driven, Future Focused’.

I love what I do, and you’ll usually see me busy typing away a million articles, maintaining community relations, managing our social media pages, and much more! I’m glued to my phone almost 24/7 with Prophecy!

Hephaestus | Prophecy CTO:
Im Heph. Ive been developing on ethereum for 3 years and have been very involved the DeFi Space.

Ive created the prophet pools, yeild farming staking etc.!

APOLLO - Prophecy CMO:
Prophecy is structured from the ground up to be ‘built to win’, meaning that everyone had the chance to be a winner when they engage with Prophecy.

We’ll have a whole suite of services you’re able to use - from our flagship Prophet Pools, to staking, gamified elements and more!

(We’re also a really chill community - drop in sometime and say hi!)


Let's proceed to the next question.

What are the products available for the community?

HERMES | Prophecy CEO:
I'll show an. Infographics of our flagship product ”prophet pools”

This is our main product it's basically a hybrid between flash staking and yield pools.

How is this different from the other staking and yield pools offer by other DeFi Projects?

HERMES | Prophecy CEO:
Because its user driven. Meaning it executes immediately when it’s fills. Also when a participant enters a prophet pool they are buying PRY from uniswap on the backend. This will lead to constant token velocity in upward direction.

We also plan on making the pools customizable with parameters users can decide. They can Create a pool and then share a link in their personal social channels to get their friends to join. We call it GAMEFI! There’s a heavy social implication to this product.

Hephaestus | Prophecy CTO:

We have prophet pools which are community driven. All prophets are given back to PRY holders in terms of staking
We use the prophecy pools profits to buy back PRY on uniswap.(thereby increasing the price)

And PRY using staking can avail these profits.

HERMES | Prophecy CEO:

This custom game/ lobby system adds a whole level of gamification and community to core crypto services that’s never been seen before.

What are the usecases of $PRY Tokens?

HERMES | Prophecy CEO:
To be earned, staked, and accumulated and to appreciate in value. To become a true store of value over time

The main reason people are in decentralized finance is to make profit right? I mean let’s not tiptoe around the facts lol

Hephaestus | Prophecy CTO:
You get PRY by yield farming and staking.

The main use case IMO is a way to redistribute profits back to the community.

My next question is, why did your team chooses to become anonymous?

APOLLO - Prophecy CMO:
I got the perfect answer! One second while I type this out

HERMES | Prophecy CEO:
While he’s typing make sure you join our community we would love to have you!

APOLLO - Prophecy CMO:
(All this is taken from our website, we display this quite prominently on the home/ front page so it’s not a hidden fact!)

The team behind Prophecy

The pinnacle and epitome of ‘decentralization’ is anonymity for the user and anonymity for the team.

As a cryptocurrency project delivering real and significant impact to the financial market, we wholeheartedly believe and follow the principle that this project should remain solely about the project and the incredible community behind that.

Our team comprises of extremely senior and experienced professionals within the crypto-sphere, with combined decades of experience between us. We have worked within Top 100 projects and continue to push to innovate cryptocurrencies and DeFi.

We don’t want to be the focus ourselves, we don’t want to be idolized or looked up to or treated any differently, we just want to be in the background helping push this project and community as far forwards as humanly possible.

Remaining anonymous is the epitome of decentralization, as it’s the project and you - the community - that truly matters.

For my last question, what are your plans for 2021? Can you sharw us your roadmap?

HERMES | Prophecy CEO:
We plan on sparking a new craze in defi. When i say everything about this project is built to win, we really mean it. We have a detailed roadmap on our website

To answer the question simply we are going to put a heavy focus on user acquisition, the more people use our platform the bigger we will get so expansion as development is our top priority.

Here is an infographic of our token allocation:


Segmemt 2: Questions from Twitter

Question #1 from @shivani48570451 -
Any small coding error can permanently damage the entire assets of the LPs. This is the biggest risk of Yield Farming . How will you deal with this problem? Has your smart contract been audited by any blockchain system ?

HERMES | Prophecy CEO:
Simple answer everything is in the process of being audited and will be extra secure

Question #2 from @bunny37571465 - I’m a developer, and I’m interested in contributing to your project alongsides earning, Do you have any Bug Bounty to check for vulnerabilities ?

HERMES | Prophecy CEO:
We’re a community project so we’re always open for people to come on board if they can show value and work ethic.

We don’t have a big bounty planned but it’s definitely something we can consider! Drop us a line in the community

Hephaestus | Prophecy CTO:
True. We first of all try to reuse as much auditable code as possible

On top of that we do an internal audIt and finally an external audit.

Question #3 from @Mary47229678 - What incentives are given to people/users who acts as depositors? What do a user need to have to be able to borrow from PRY?

HERMES | Prophecy CEO:
This question doesn’t relate to us. We don’t do borrowing

It’s possible but not in the immediate future maybe in phase 3

APOLLO - Prophecy CMO:
Though not exactly applicable to this question since we don’t do borrowing, we have a lot of incentives for our other products

We have a lot of incentives in place with Prophecy!

Give a read, and check out as well.

Both outline some of our many incentives in place, such as majority winning every time with Prophet Pools, Second Chance pools, GREAT staking rewards ($PRY AND ETH rewards), as well as special gamified elements solely for our most active and engaged supporters!

We also disincentivize inactivity through a BARE-tax system that fairly taxes completely inactive tokens that remain inactive for a long duration of time. These taxes go towards locked liquidity, the majority of tokens are burned, and some are sent to our Redemption Centre!

We have a lot more in detail on our website, too! Check it out here:

Question #4 from @RahulJayaraj9 - Prophecy is a community driven project. So what are your plans to attract more community into Prophecy?What changes can Community make on Prophecy?

ARES | Prophecy COO:
We have a huge marketing campaign for after our launch on uniswap, we have big communities in other asian countries we will be working with and lots of influencers that are going to be talk about our prophets pools. Community is everything to us, so we make sure to put in extra focus on building and growing our community.

APOLLO - Prophecy CMO:
Our motto is:

Community Driven - Future Focused.

And everything we do, everything we breathe as a project, we follow that!

HERMES | Prophecy CEO:
We’re actually in the middle of our private sale please reach out in our community if you are interested

APOLLO - Prophecy CMO:
Yep if you’d like to join our Private Sale, head on over to ASAP - it’s the only chance to get a better bonus price on $PRY before we list on Uniswap!

Question #5 from @IPSAmitGoyal - The backbone behind Prophecy and our tokenomics is something called ‘Proof of Committed Decay’. So what is this Proof of Committed Decay?Can you share us with more details about it and how it is the backbone of Prophecy?

APOLLO - Prophecy CMO:
We even have a graphic for that! Or sec

Prophecy Project: what is ‘Proof of Committed Decay’?


Segment 3: Live AMA

Community Q1:
How can I participate in the private sale? And when planning to launch on Uniswap?

APOLLO - Prophecy CMO:
To participate in our Private Sale and take advantage of a MASSIVE bonus 30% tokens per ETH, please join our Telegram (linked below) and ask an admin for help!

Let’s get this bread 🤑🤑🤑

Community Q2:
I invest in a project last month and it went not well they scam so many investors and I felt like I don’t trust any investment project from now on and It looks like you are anonymous, so how can I trust your projects not to rug pull and scam? @Defiknight

HERMES | Prophecy CEO:
There’s always risk with any investment. If you are worried, I would say not to invest in us. Don’t stress yourself out with worry. Maybe just watch is for a while and if the time comes you feel comfortable we will be waiting with open arms! But remember Fortune favors the brave.

Community Q3:
Will we able to stake PRY very soon?

ARES | Prophecy COO:
Yes, early contributors will get first dib but staking will be available on uniswap launch.

Community Q4:
What are your status regarding the audit of your smart contracts and security mechanisms to protect and assure the participants of the ecosystem?

APOLLO - Prophecy CMO:
We’re going to have ALL our products independently audited!

Once they’re audited, we’ll let everyone know so they’re able to see them for themselves and check them out!

Safety is, to us, as important as community so this project will be as watertight as a can of beer!

We want everyone to succeed with Prophecy and $PRY, so we’re putting heavy focus on all that sort of stuff

Community Q5:
In the future, users will be able to start their own pools with Prophet Yield Pools, how can a user create a pool and how do you ensure it is legit and funded?

HERMES | Prophecy CEO:
Because it will be written into our code and audited before we go live with any products. The user created pools are going to be massive! We feel it’s one of our biggest features!


Do you have anything to add before I wrap this up?

APOLLO - Prophecy CMO:
CryptoChain PH - WOW!!! There’s DOZENS of amazing questions and we could only pick 5, so if we didn’t answer your question, go to our Telegram NOW and ask them and we’ll be happy to answer!

Let’s make Prophecy a gigantic success 🤑🤑🤑

The best way to learn more about Prophecy and join us on this rocket ship of a journey to the moon (and beyond!) is to follow us at all our socials, links below!

Make sure you especially join our Telegram to be kept up-to-date on all our key news, including the launch of our Private Sale within the next 24-hours (be fast, though, we’re expecting to SMASH to our hardcap in record time - the demand has been mindblowing!)

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End of AMA Session…

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